Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Works in Progress

I'm writing today, here, not because there is anyone in particular who is following this blog (I haven't been active here in quite some time) but so that when I look back I'll be able to see just what was going on with me and what I have been doing!

Surprisingly enough, despite all that has been going on in my life, I've found a bit of time to knit.  Now, I have not finished projects (smile) but I do have a few that I'm working between in times when I have both hands free!

Take a look:

 Seed stitch on wool ease

 Seed stitch on the 'like suede' yarn

Two-strand/yarn scarf

I've also been teaching my oldest daughter to knit.  She recently turned 7 and I promised her that when she was 7, I'd teach her to knit.  She's working on the 'knit' stitch, and doing very well!

I'm also working on a few holiday gifts and pulled out/dusted off my sewing machine to assist me in the venture. In the event that one of my family members/dear friends just happens to check this blog, I'll refrain from sharing pictures or any description of these projects, as I'd like them to be pleasantly surprised when they receive them! (hint, hint!)

I also have a few other ambitious projects I'd like to complete before Christmas as well.  Since we've been doing handmade gifts in our immediate family for the past 7 years, I've been trying to come up with what I'll give my children and husband this year.  I think I've posted photos of last year's gifts--oh, wait, that was two years ago now.  (Shaking head--time is really moving!)  I'll have to post photos of last year's gifts.  DH and I found some less than perfect bookshelves and rebuilt them and painted them for the kids last year.

Anyway, I'm wanting to make some skirts for my 4 yo daughter--she LOVES being in dresses/skirts.  I'm also thinking that I'd like to make something like this (see photo below) to hang over both girls' beds.  Now to think of something for the boy.  Perhaps something to hold/hang his ever growing dinosaur collection.  Hmph...need more thinking time.  Oh! he has been asking for a "King Hat" (a crown) so perhaps I'll make one of those!  We'll see.

I've also been spending a good deal of time blogging on my other blog: Home-Grown Love.  I am giving myself permission to take care of myself in all the necessary ways.  So, with that in mind, I hope to share something at least once a week here...starting in the new year to help me get back in the habit of crafting--making things with my hands!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


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