Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black Furry Wrist Warmers!

This are so very soft and beautiful! I used a strand of black eyelash and one of a black chunky acrylic. BEST of all, I completed them in just two hours!!!! Yes, I had to wait until the children were in bed. I whipped them up on large-sized needles, alternating between a US19 and a US15. My very own simple pattern: CO 15 and did about 20 row in knit. I'm really like them. Not sure if I'm going to part with these! :)

For the next pair, I'm going to work in the round using 4 needles (UGH!!!). I'm a bit scared of this, since this is something I've never tried! But as I've learned from past experiences, what often scares doesn't bite! So, off I go to get a set of double-pointed needles.

Pictures coming....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love this Yarn!

So I've been deciding just what to create with all this fabulous yarn! It's so soft! I was surprised! With a remnant piece of black eyelash, I'm making myself another pair of wrist warmers. I've added it to some chunky black cotton yarn so they should be soft and warm!

Been reading through new books and scanning new sites to find great ideas and patterns for gifts. Check out the new listings on the page!

[I'm] Happy Knitting! ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

What a Deal!!!

I got the BEST deal on yarn just the other day. I responded to an ad on craigslist. I wife wanted to get rid of her husband's stash of yarn. Yes, I said husband!! He's a knitter! Anyway, she showed a picture of the trash bag stuffed with yarn and offered it for $15. When I inquired I was pleasantly surprised that it was still available and that there were about 30 skeins of yarn and remnants. I quickly made arrangements to pick it up ASAP!!

Now, for those of you who do anything with yarn and purchase it regularly, you will know that $15 will get you about 3 skeins at a craft store (Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, etc) or only 1 skein at an actual yarn store. So the fact that she was willing to sell 30 skeins for $15 was a steal!!!

It really didn't matter to me what the yarn was like...since I'm looking to make gifts as well as sell some of them!!! After getting the bag home and putting the kids I sat on my couch and went through my treasure!!! And let me tell you....there were 50 [yes, i said 50] new, never used skeins of some of the nicest yarn!! All those frilly-make-you-look-pretty-yarns! Not only that, there were about 15 partial skeins and remnants, a few knitting needles and crochet hooks (as if I need any more of those--you must see my stash!) and a nice pair of scissors.

I can't even believe that I found this....but am so very thankful!!! So this gives me the 'start-up' yarn I need to begin my projects for our (Emilie & my) online boutique!!! [Yes!!! We're going to do that THIS year people!!! Stay tuned for more details!!!!]

Here's a shot of most of the yarn...didn't include the remnants. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wrist Warmers

I'm so excited!! Last night I completed my first pair of wrist warmers! Found a very simple pattern online...changed it, of course, and created these (see picture)! I knitted the both at the same time so thy would both be complete at the same time. For you without children, it should take about 4 hours. It took me two days, still not bad!

They are my trial run so I didn't use any fancy yarn. But I'm very pleased with them!! I'll try a different pattern and yarn on the next pair!

yeah!! for me!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


So right now I've been going through books and magazines again deciding upon my next big project and a few small ones. I've started another scarf and since I've completed by 9 month in the making blanket for my son, I think I want to start another long project. We'll see!

I made the girls hats and scarves again this year. I wanted to do some mittens, but those haven't appeared yet. Knitting with more than two needles is a bit scary, so I'll wait a bit more before I try.

Three Christmas' ago, Melvin and I decided that we would make the gifts we give as to cut down on all the expense of the holiday as well as make the gifts more special and meaningful. This past Christmas (2007) I made a reversible tablecloth and matching seat covers for the girls' table. It was patchwork and turned out lovely! You'll have to take a look at the pictures. I want to make some napkins for my table and a few place mats. I'm thinking of embroidering them and even allowing Jaya to help with that. She's five now and I think it's time for her little hands to learn to sew!

I've made my son a fleece coat/jacket and am planning to make one for Jaya. Kari is swimming in coats for now. I do want to make something special for her. She loves to color orange so I'm looking for some really nice orange yarn. I'm thinking that I'll knit her a poncho.

So, these are just some of my hopes for this new year! I'll keep you up-to-date with how things a taking shape!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008!

Yes, it's been a hot minute since last I posted here. Please forgive (for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting to hear about all the things I've done, etc).

I've been busy packing, moving (yes, again), unpacking, sorting, reading, entertaining, problem-solving, etc. during my absence. I am happy to report that although I didn't get to all the projects I had hoped to last year, I was able to complete several handmade gifts for the holidays! I have decided that since I don't get much time with three little ones running around, that I will be starting gifts NOW so I can give more this coming holiday season!

The new few posts will be descriptions of the items I've made with pictures! I've also taken to decorating our new home! Fun stuff!

Good to be back!


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