Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wrist Warmers

So I've completed (all but the weaving in of ends) my first pair of fingerless gloves.  This is the first pattern that I've done with a slot for the thumb (found pattern on Ravelry).  In the previous pairs I've only left a hole for my thumb to slide out of.  I an tickled with them.  They don't remember match though.  I tweeked the pattern as I made the second one.  So it fits my hand a bit better and it longer.  Also did the thumb portion a bit neater.  You know how the second one is usually better than the first? lol.  Well, I my frog the first one...I may knot.  Now that I know what I'm doing I will definitely be making more.  My girls have already put in their requests.

What do you think?

My 5 for 5 Challenge Gift!!!

It's here! It's here!!
(Well, it's been here since Monday--but just finding some time to share online!)

 Felted Nesting Bowls

Aren't they lovely???
I'm tickled pink!!
I love,
LOVE them!!!

They're perfect in every way:
-they were made just for me
-made by a dear friend
-they are some of my favorite colors (Autumn colors)!
-they made my bedroom colors perfectly!!
(did you notice the little bonus gift? Strawberry Jam Syrup!! Oh My!)

I'm looking forward to doing something like this again and hopefully some more of you will be open to participating with me! (hint, pressure though!) :D

Thank you so much, Debbie.  I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! :D


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