Sunday, January 13, 2008


So right now I've been going through books and magazines again deciding upon my next big project and a few small ones. I've started another scarf and since I've completed by 9 month in the making blanket for my son, I think I want to start another long project. We'll see!

I made the girls hats and scarves again this year. I wanted to do some mittens, but those haven't appeared yet. Knitting with more than two needles is a bit scary, so I'll wait a bit more before I try.

Three Christmas' ago, Melvin and I decided that we would make the gifts we give as to cut down on all the expense of the holiday as well as make the gifts more special and meaningful. This past Christmas (2007) I made a reversible tablecloth and matching seat covers for the girls' table. It was patchwork and turned out lovely! You'll have to take a look at the pictures. I want to make some napkins for my table and a few place mats. I'm thinking of embroidering them and even allowing Jaya to help with that. She's five now and I think it's time for her little hands to learn to sew!

I've made my son a fleece coat/jacket and am planning to make one for Jaya. Kari is swimming in coats for now. I do want to make something special for her. She loves to color orange so I'm looking for some really nice orange yarn. I'm thinking that I'll knit her a poncho.

So, these are just some of my hopes for this new year! I'll keep you up-to-date with how things a taking shape!

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