Friday, January 18, 2008

What a Deal!!!

I got the BEST deal on yarn just the other day. I responded to an ad on craigslist. I wife wanted to get rid of her husband's stash of yarn. Yes, I said husband!! He's a knitter! Anyway, she showed a picture of the trash bag stuffed with yarn and offered it for $15. When I inquired I was pleasantly surprised that it was still available and that there were about 30 skeins of yarn and remnants. I quickly made arrangements to pick it up ASAP!!

Now, for those of you who do anything with yarn and purchase it regularly, you will know that $15 will get you about 3 skeins at a craft store (Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, etc) or only 1 skein at an actual yarn store. So the fact that she was willing to sell 30 skeins for $15 was a steal!!!

It really didn't matter to me what the yarn was like...since I'm looking to make gifts as well as sell some of them!!! After getting the bag home and putting the kids I sat on my couch and went through my treasure!!! And let me tell you....there were 50 [yes, i said 50] new, never used skeins of some of the nicest yarn!! All those frilly-make-you-look-pretty-yarns! Not only that, there were about 15 partial skeins and remnants, a few knitting needles and crochet hooks (as if I need any more of those--you must see my stash!) and a nice pair of scissors.

I can't even believe that I found this....but am so very thankful!!! So this gives me the 'start-up' yarn I need to begin my projects for our (Emilie & my) online boutique!!! [Yes!!! We're going to do that THIS year people!!! Stay tuned for more details!!!!]

Here's a shot of most of the yarn...didn't include the remnants. Can you believe it?

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