Friday, December 22, 2006

My First 'Meetup'

Last night I attended my first knitting meetup with some seasoned knitters in Virginia Highlands (Atlanta Intown Knitters). The organizer, Kim Nickels, hosted it at her yarn store, Knitch. I had never been in a yarn store! Yes, I've been in plenty of stores with yarn--but never a yarn store. Let me tell you, the yarn in this place is unbelievably WONDERFUL!!! The colors, textures, everything--simply wonderful. The yarn that is sold in other stores is basically crap in comparison to all the luxury yarns in this place!!!! Plus you can have yarn spun. In addition, the shop's atmosphere is prefect for sitting with friends and knitting!

I met a wonderful group of knitters and am looking forward to my new "mental" break on Thursday evenings! (Thanks dear for holding it down with the kids!)

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