Friday, January 19, 2007

My "Happy New Year" Scarf

In November '06 I started on a scarf for myself. I used some yarn that I purchased from an ebay store about a year and a half ago (or more). Isn't it lovely? It's 4 strands spun together: white, black, tan and gold. This was my first 'pattern' scarf that I've made. I used a pattern I found in Knitting for Dummies called Faggot Lace and created this scarf with it!
I finally completed it, adding fringe, the first Thursday of the year! Thus the reason for it's name! :) Because of the colors, it goes with everything! The yarn is so soft and warm--just in time for the dips in temps we're experiencing now!
I've just started on another 'longer' project with some fabulous yarn I purchase from the same ebay store. This is 4 strands spun together: 2 strands of black, a 2 strand of white & black spun together, and another 2 strand of silver and white spun together! (Actually 7 strands but some were spun together before being spun with the other colors...if you understand?) It's very nice! Since this project is for one of my favorite cousins, I won't share what it will be just yet!
For those of you who are interested, the ebay store is called The Spin Zone (Ebay ID: mhspinzone). I need to work out something with them since I love their yarn and I'm sharing it with you....we'll see! :)

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