Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Working in Some Color!

I started a hat for Kari to match her scarf on the 22nd. I decided to play around with some color since Megan (Atlanta Intown Knitters Member) told me it was "simple." And she was right!!! I tried my own pattern (I'm composing now!!) as I worked in a bit of color. I completed the hat in the wee hours--1 am--of the 24th (today)! I guess I'll have to make this a complete set by knitting some mittens--something else I've never done!!

We'll see...I've already started on another hat using circular needles so I can "knit-in-the-round" for Melvin (the baby) as well as a blanket using three seperate balls of yarn (much easier than I thought). Jaya asked me when I was going to make her a matching hat. So I'll be doing on for her as well.

Something I realized when doing this first hat (for Kari)--the hat pattern sizes don't take into account hair styles other than "hanging down straight" so I must make adjustments for "thick hair in braids" and "thick hair with barrettes." :)

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