Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I hope that the new year has greeting each of you with warmth (for those in cold places) and hope!!

It didn't start as I had thought it would.  We took an impromtu trip after Christmas and didn't get back until after New Years!  My hope was to have this blog start off the new year with a fresh look.  I had also hoped that my house would be in the same condition (fresh and new)! But alas! lol.

I did complete one of the scarves I showed you. Here it is to the left. Now to mail it to its new owner.  I think it turned out nice!  It's a seed stitch, K1, P1 on an odd number of stitches.

Since being on "holiday" I've started, or rather, re-started another scarf (see below completed scarf).  I can't remember when I originally started it.  But from looking at the pattern, it's from my beginning stages when I was experimenting more than actually following a pattern.  I spent Saturday morning pulling it out and restarted it.  It's a soft grey yarn and am doing the same seed stitch pattern on this one as well.

I've decided that for this New Year, I'm going to complete the project I've started or roll them back into a ball and re-start something new (i.e. more enjoyable to knit!)!

Once again, I have hopes of sewing clothes, complete quilts, finishing handbags, etc.  I'm once again excited about the possibilities to create and work with my hands.  I hope to be a bit more consistent this year...only time will tell! ;-)

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