Monday, January 18, 2010

Projects & Lessons

For Christmas I gave handmade gifts.  One of the gifts I gave, to a friend's daughter, was a coupon for some knitting lessons (along with knitting needles and a skein of yarn).  I've been looking for some easy projects to start her on, as she's learning and come across the book, Kids' Easy Knitting Projects by Peg Blanchette.

Along with step by step 'how to get started' information and images, there are several nice little projects to make as one learns and practices knitting and purling.  I'm making plans to start as early as this Thursday but at least by next Thursday.  I've never taught knitting, but, I'm a teacher that knits. lol. Hopefully this will work to my benefit (and those who are learning from me--my daughter and her friend).

My people gave me two new knitting books as gifts.  I'm guessing that my children are going to want some of these matching hats and gloves...and perhaps the hubby wants some socks??  I've NEVER tried my hand at socks, so I'll have to make plans for making a pair.  I've already looked through and read the directions and they do seem easy....we'll see!

I'm also planning to finish my daughter's patchwork quilt for her bed.  I finished the patchwork part a month or so before she was born....I knew I wouldn't have the time once she arrived.  But now she's almost 5 (shhhhh!) and I think I ought to finish it.  I have plans for a quilt for my son's bed as well.  I've been saving old jeans/denim outfits to make a denim and fleece rag quilt.  I'm hoping to have it done by next Winter.

In looking through my fabric I've decided that I MUST make a few sun dresses this year and a pair or two of overalls for each of my kids.  I was able to do this a few years ago...when I only had one.  They all LOVE the outdoors and being covered in earth.  Having overalls on made clean-up, of her, easier.  I may try my hand at Fall/Winter coats again.  I completed a really nice on for The Boy, but never finished the one for my oldest girl.

My grandmother received a Latch Hook rug to complete for Christmas and asked me if I'd do it for her.  Of course I agreed, since this will give my a chance to teach my oldest.  Yet another project to tackle.

Then I'd like to complete some bags for myself and others, made from recycled sweaters.  I've started one already and need to complete it (they were supposed to be for holiday gifts...but things didn't go as I had hoped).  Here's a photo of the one that's almost done.  I'm thinking I'll fill the handles with polyfill to give them a bit more shape.  I'm also considering putting a flower or something on it to brighten it up...what do you think?

Working with my hands is something that I've learned I NEED to be happy, content, fulfilled.  So, I'm taking things slow, but hope to complete each of these things, plus a few more, before the end of this year.  What things have you got in the works?

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