Monday, August 9, 2010

Fresh Off the Hooks!

Earlier this year I purchased some chunky baby alpaca yarn (IT'S SUPER SOFT & WARM) at a lovely yarn store (aren't they all?).  Since that time I've been deciding exactly what to make with it.  I settled on a scarf--simple and easy.  Instead of knitting it, I chose to crochet it.  I think the pattern I 'freestyled' as nice and was able to complete it in just under 2 hours!! (yeah, that the main reason why I chose crochet over knitting)

As I was making it, my son asked me to make him one, which is a big deal (to me at least) as he's never asked for something handmade from me (although I've made him several things)!  I looked through my stash and found the baby alpaca yarn that I purchased on Ebay months before his birth.  I was able to make him some booties of out that yarn, but that was it.  I'm must completed his scarf and will be starting on a matching hat.

It's rather hot still....but Winter is coming! My plan is to have everyone 'hatted' and 'scarfed' up before the cold winds blow!


Kathryn Ray said...

I really like that scarf... especially how the end is horizontal with the body being longitudinal.

~Leslie said...

thanks! yeah, when i got to the end I only had a little bit of yarn left, not enough to do another long row, so, since crochet lends itself to changing directions a bit easier than knitting, I do! :D

thanks for stopping by!


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