Thursday, April 29, 2010

The List Lengthens

My roll is slowing down a bit.  It's the end of the month...packing is looming ahead of me for next month.  I've found some really cute projects that I'd like to try my hand at.  Not sure if they were happen before the move or after we get settled again.  I've decided to post them here so that I can easily find them again.  Perhaps you'll find them interesting as well and have a go for yourself.

I found both these links on  They're good for sharing all kinds of crafting, handmade things.

The first is a reversible bag (I love a good bag!). VeryPurplePerson shares many more projects on this blog.

The next one is a pattern for hand smocking a sun dress (something I have been looking to do for awhile). Over at ikat bag there other patterns and projects shared on the blog regularly.

Then, there's the pillowcase tutorial from FilmintheFridge, yet another sewing/quilting/fabric blog.  It's beautifully inspiring over there!!!  I have looked through books that repurpose pillowcases for other things but hadn't thought about making my own.  Hmmm....yes, ideas! :D

 The post of the Strawberry Fold-away Bag grabbed my attention. Had to add it the my list!  Isn't it just adorable???  It's another project from ikatbag.  The entire bag fold up into this little strawberry.

Here's the re-purposing pillowcase post: pillowcases to shopping bags.  This is great to do with old cases around the house (if you have them) or you can find them at thrift stores and tag sales. SpiderWomanKnits shares a few more photos and the tutorial.

So, I've added each of this to my lists of crafting/sewing/re-purposing list for this year.  I'm hopeful that I'll get to at least one before the year is out!  With any luck all of them! :D

Happy Crafting!!!

Photo credits: ALL photos shared here are taken from the posts and were [more than likely] taken by the original crafter/designer of these patterns and tutorials.

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