Thursday, April 22, 2010

MORE Fabric!!!

Look what I found at a local thrift store????

I found these over the past few days of thrifting!!!  I hadn't even thought about looking for fabric.  I mean, I've gotten a set of sheets that I've re-purposed but this is the first time I've found fabric in pieces large enough to make something out of!  Two pieces are canvas (making some reusable bags with them), two pieces are a stretchy polyester-type (a see a halter top/dress or two), one large piece is seersucker (sun dresses or top & shorts sets for the girls), another large piece is flannel (plan to make some heating pads and give as gifts), one piece is corduroy (not sure what it will be but I LOVE corduroy!!), and the last piece is a light-weight cotton, it's actually a curtain, which I plan to make several reusable produce bags from.

Well, there's my new list of projects, which I'll mix between the list I already have going.  I'm excited about these possibilities!!

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