Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Finished.....

I can't say "project" as I'd like to, simply because it was just a random thing i decided to do last night as I watched a movie with my hubby.  On my little break, my mother taught me to crochet a bit, I say a bit because I'm sure there are more things I have to learn.  That being said, I've been wanting to keep up what I've learned so far and because things whip up sooooo quickly, I've already completed another scarf.

When I say this yarn it immediately jumped at me--so I had to get it!  LOL!  It's varigated and is light blue, medium blue, dark blue, gray, med. gray, charcoal, tan mix.  Works perfectly well with everything I wear--blue, black, brown (khaki).

I'm loving it!  I still have a good bit of yarn left and am thinking about making a hat to go along with it.  Yeah, I know it's Spring...but Winter will come again! (smile)  Unfortunately this is where my limited skills of crocheting come into play as I don't know that much to crochet myself a hat.  I plan to take a look on Raverly for a pattern--but may fall back on my knitting skills and knit one instead.  We'll see.

Here's a photo of it...ok, two! :)

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adoptionmsw said...

Wow! Nice work! I love the colors...


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