Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitting for a Cause

My dearest childhood friend send me an email this morning.  Her sweet daughter, Grace, has a birthday this month--she'll be four.  After getting over the fact that our children are truly growing up, she reminded me that Grace was a preemie.  I remember that time, of praying and hoping.  My friend was blessed to be able to bring her sweet baby girl home after three weeks in the NICU.  She has always promised herself that because of all the love and support of the nurses and doctors there that help her through a very tough time she'd give back each year around Grace's birthday.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened--until now!  She's ask me (along with her other friends) to join her in knitting some preemie boy & girl hats for others who are going through this now.

I am so in!!  I'll be wading through my stash for some super soft yarn, look through the pattern she shared in the email, right now I'm checking out the patterns on Carissa's blog--Carissa Knits (or online--Ravelry specifically) and get started.  I'm going to make two.  One for a girl.  One for a boy. 

Have you knitting (crocheted, quilted, sewed, crafted) for a cause before?  Which one(s)?  What better way to share a gift of love and time.  I'll post photos of my finished pieces.  I'm very excited!!

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